Signs of Gum Disease


Here at Chrysalis Dental Practice we want our patients to be aware of the need to send monitor and inform us as soon as possible if you feel you have these early warning signs of gum disease.

Dr Minesh Patel said “As a dentist, an early diagnosis is important as the treatment for gum disease become generally more successful.

Please report to us if you have :

1. Red gums
2. Gums are bleeding while brushing
3. Bad Breath or Halitosis
4. Pain and sensitivity from your gums.

Gum disease is preventable and if not cured as soon as possible, it can lead to moderate to advanced gum disease and this can lead to tooth loss. It is usually caused by bacteria in the plaque above and below the gums that start and progressively lead to periodontal disease.Take note that healthy gums should be pink and firm.

Dr Minesh Patel also said that “all the dentists will advise you on how to treat the periodontal disease which is very common and together with regular visits to the hygienists we would formulate a plan to suppress and manage the condition.” Bad breath is assign that gross plaque is not being removed. Bad breath can also be due to gum problems.

Dr Patel qualified from Cardiff in 1986. As student elective, he observed Professor Linkow in New York. After an SHO post in oral-maxillofacial surgery, he entered general practice. He has also attended numerous year courses in Implants.

He gained his MFGDP in 1996, the Diploma in Implant dentistry in 2005 and his MSc in Implantology in 2006. He has placed well over 4000 implants and carried out over 500 sinus and block grafts.

Dr Patel is a principal of two multi surgery practices in Watford and Bedford for 27 years. He also has a special interest in sinus ridge augmentation and the rehabilitation of compromised dentitions. He has also instilled a culture of constant learning in the practice and all his dental associate colleagues are on postgraduate programs to Master’s level.

Learn more about Dr Minesh Patel here, Follow Dr Minesh Patel on Twitter here, visit Dr Minesh Patel Crunchbase page here and read Dr Minesh Patel blogs here.


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