Dr Minesh Patel on Prevailing Dental Fear & Anxiety


Do you feel calm before your dental appointment or are you a little nervous about a visit to the dental office? Are you someone who is actually terrified about dental treatment and worries about it all the time? Whichever end of this line you might be on, it may be helpful to know that you are not alone.

Actually, having a little or even a lot of nervousness about dental visits is usual. Some studies have concluded that up to 75% of people surveyed have at least a little fear about dental visits. As a consequence these persons who avoid having dental treatment suffer for years with toothaches, infections and poor dental appearance.

While dental fear can result in stress and avoidance of dental care, it can also have more grave consequences. For some it affects their whole identity and sense of self-worth. They may see other people who don’t seem to have the same reactions to dental treatment and begin to feel that something is wrong with them. Remember that untreated oral diseases may result in even worse general health complications. In the end, it’s in everyone’s interest to find ways to overcome dental fear and make dental treatment a calm and safe adventure.

First, it’s helpful for many people who are fearful to know that they are not alone. It’s also important to realize that help is available. Experience has shown that even people who have extreme fear about dental procedures can get over their fears and learn to have dental treatment in a manner that feels calm and safe. It’s possible, even for those people who are the most fearful, to reduce their fear and to learn to have dental treatment in a way that feels calm and safe. In order to counteract past bad experiences you need to have new positive experiences which lead to the development of improved feelings and attitudes. The more bad experiences you have had or the longer they have gone on, the more good experiences you need before you will have different reactions to the same situation. Dental health professionals know that your mouth is a very personal place and trust is a big part of allowing us to partner in your care.

Here at Chrysalis Dental Centre, Dr. Minesh Patel specialises in dental hygiene check-ups and treatments. We will build you a healthy relationship with our resident dentists to lessen your fear and anxiety. Imagine a relationship with your dentist where you feel you have the time you need to go at your own pace, the listening relationship that you need to feel safe, and the sense of control you need to reduce any automatic anxiety responses. It might take some faith in the beginning to realise that this is possible, but you really do have the opportunity to have a lifetime of good dental health.

Visit Dr Minesh Patel website here, learn more about Dr Minesh Patel here and Subscribe to Dr Minesh Patel YouTube channel here.


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