Dr Minesh Patel – How Stress Increase the Risk of Gum Disease

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Most of us experience stress. If you watch the TV or browse the internet, you can see studies about the effect of stress on your general health. What you don’t know is that experiencing stress on a regular basis can also damage your gums. This is based on recent studies that evaluated the impact of chronic stress on gum diseases and the factors that contribute to it. The study found out that there is a positive relationship between gum diseases and stress, depression and loneliness. The study was so startling that most dentist now advise their patients healthy ways to relieve stress by eating a balanced diet, have plenty of sleep and maintain a positive mental attitude.

The researchers are not sure how stress contributes to the development and progression of gum disease but they have identified some likely suspects. The studies show a link between constant stress and vascular diseases like coronary artery and angina. There’s no doubt chronic stress can affect the body’s ability to circulate the oxygen and nutrient-rich blood necessary to keep organs and tissues healthy. Healthy circulation plays a large role in maintaining healthy gums. So it is no surprise that if stress affects blood circulation, it will also have an effect on the gums.

Researchers also found that the immune system reacts in response to stress. This reaction plays a role in promoting gum disease. Many research shows that when we experience chronic stress, we are also likely to experience inflammation of tissue in the body. Inflammation of blood vessels and tissues damage the body all on its own. Scientist now understand that the inflammatory response causes additional changes that can result in an ongoing cycle of damage. The ongoing damage causes the immune system to malfunction, and it begins to attack even healthy tissue, including gums.

Reducing stress is not easy. But there are ways to help relieve stress and avoid gum diseases. Maintaining a regular sleep schedule helps ensure the body can manage stress. You can also provide a list of healthy foods for your balanced diet. Getting an exercise is also an option. Exercise is not only good for blood circulation but can also reduce stress. If you have chronic stress and anxiety, it’s also a good idea to talk to a resident psychologist about strategies and even medications that may help you cope. Managing stress is one of the most important things you can do – not just to avoid gum disease, but also to maintain optimal physical and emotional health as well. Visit a dentist like Dr. Minesh Patel frequently for checkups so that gum diseases can be battled at its earliest and most treatable stages. Connect with him on the official Dr Minesh Patel page to learn more.

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