The Early Warning Signs of Periodontal Disease

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A huge number of people are not aware of the numerous risk factors and signs of periodontal disease. It is important to know these signs to have a better understanding of the disease and when to take action. Smoking and poor oral hygiene are the most common risk factors to take note. But there are other factors that we must consider and these are the following:

• stress
• poorly controlled diabetes
• bite problems
• teeth grinding
• hormone changes
• certain medications
• a weakened immune system
• genetic/hereditary conditions

The most common warning sign of periodontal disease is inflamed gums. If you notice that you have this issue, contact your family dentist as soon as possible. Periodontal disease effects more parts of the body and not just the mouth. The disease can raise serious health issues such as heart diseases. Once you visit your dentist, they will give a treatment plan the best fits your situation. Many people assume wrongly assume that periodontal disease means they will need surgery. In many cases, you don’t need surgery. Dentists usually recommend non-surgical treatments. These non-surgical treatments include scaling, root planting, bite correction and antibiotics.

Just in some cases, when non-surgical treatment does not improve the health of the patient, the expert may opt to surgery as the best option. Surgery is performed in the dental clinic and you are most likely to be sent home right after. The most common surgery on periodontal patients are reduction surgeries, gingival surgeries and regenerative procedures. Like in most surgeries, you can expect a little pain and discomfort for a small period of time. Prescribed drugs given by your dentist will help in lessening the pain and the infection as well.

Patients are usually required to return after 1 to 3 weeks after surgery for the removal of the stitches and dressings. Treatment alone will not cure the disease. It is important that the patient undergo maintenance of medications to make sure the disease is under control. It is really essential to protect your teeth even if you don’t have periodontal disease. You can do this by brushing, flossing and rinsing your mouth.

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